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Deianeira's Lost Kingdom - A Visual Tribute to Reneé O'Connor
A Visual Tribute to Reneé O'Connor
by Adrian Petford
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Reneé O'Connor - early publicity picture. Welcome to my own small tribute to one of the most consistently brilliant actresses on television today, Reneé O'Connor, who you will most probably know best from her career-making role as Gabrielle in Xena: Warrior Princess (1995-2001). I first spotted Reneé in NYPD Blue's "Oscar, Meyer, Weiner" episode when it originally appeared on British television in 1994, but it was not until I saw Xena: Warrior Princess three years later that I was reminded of her. Right from my first encounter with the Xenaverse in "Dreamworker", I was immediately captivated both by Gabrielle and Reneé's obvious talent in bringing such a complex and interesting character to life, and from the outset, Gabrielle was the primary reason I watched Xena: Warrior Princess and ultimately why I became such a committed fan of this excellent US action-adventure series.

Reneé O'Connor - TV Guide, July 2000. I had wanted to develop a fan site devoted to Reneé for some time, but faced the problem of the simple fact there are many, many thousands of such sites available already on the Internet. In fact, Reneé's fan following seems considerably larger and more active than that of her co-star Lucy Lawless, Xena herself. So what could I possibly contribute that wasn't already available online, probably multiple times over? As an avid fan of all of Reneé's work, not just Gabrielle, I hit upon the idea of a site with a slightly different emphasis to the usual. As the title implies, Deianeira's Lost Kingdom is intended to showcase Reneé's earlier roles, of which many fans will probably have little or no knowledge, through high-quality collections of screenshots from each work, which I have produced wherever possible from the best quality source material available. In time there will also be reviews, articles and other reference material.

As it stands the collections are still being built up, but ultimately I intend to represent all of Reneé's past and current work here. There will be a fully comprehensive section devoted specifically to Gabrielle and also individual fan pages for my other two favourites among Reneé's characters, Deianeira and Hope.

Fellow fans might also be interested to know that I have now seen Reneé O'Connor in real life on two separate occasions. The first was in March 2000 while investigating Xena: Warrior Princess locations in New Zealand, when I encountered the cast and crew by chance while they were working on the fifth season finale, Motherhood. You can read all about what happened in my exclusive filming report over at Xenaverse Britannia, the sister site of Deianeira's Lost Kingdom.
More recently, I had a front row seat for Reneé's incredible live convention appearance in London in August 2003. We British fans had waited a long time for Reneé to grace our shores at an event, but once it finally happened it was so worth it as she did an unprecedented walkabout into the audience, interacting with fans to an extent never seen before!
Black Snow (1989) Black Snow (1989)
Shot in Houston, Texas, where Reneé grew up, this was her first feature film role, playing Jennifer Winslow, the teenage daughter of an honest oil tycoon who stumbles into a war between rival drug gangs over stolen cocaine.
Although Reneé's role is relatively small, she makes a good contribution overall, appearing more in the second half once her character is kidnapped and having a crucial involvement in the film's ending. A fascinating glimpse of Reneé at the very start of her career.
•  Collection contains 200 screen captures sourced from NTSC LaserDisc.
FBI - The Untold Stories: Blue Fiber (1992) FBI - The Untold Stories: Blue Fiber (1992)
Reneé plays rookie police officer Renee Lano in this two part-drama based on a real FBI case. A serial killer is torturing and murdering prostitutes and the only clue is blue fibres left on the bodies. Officer Lano accepts the dangerous assignment of going undercover as a hooker and plays a crucial part in the hunt for the killer.
Reneé has a lot of screen time and gives a strong, believable performance. Shame about the brown contact lenses though!
•  Collection contains 6 screen captures sourced from PAL VHS.
The Flood: Who Will Save Our Children? (1993) The Flood: Who Will Save Our Children? (1993)
A group of Texan schoolchildren are returning from an idyllic holiday at summer camp when the terrible forces of nature intervene to change their lives for ever in this harrowing television film, based on a true story.
Reneé plays Leslie, a confident and life-loving teenager who is the best friend of the film's heroine. Although her appearance is relatively brief, she makes a good contribution to the early part of the film, which also for once gives her the opportunity to show off the local accent of her native Texas.
•  Collection contains 250 screen captures sourced from PAL VHS.
NYPD Blue: Oscar, Meyer, Weiner (1993) NYPD Blue: Oscar, Meyer, Weiner (1993)
Reneé made a guest appearance on the hard-hitting police drama in its first season, playing Rebecca Sloane, who is questioned by Detective Sipowicz for potential leads after her parents are horrifically murdered. Once again, Reneé gives a very convincing and sympathetic performance.
As a big fan of NYPD Blue, it was excellent for me to see Reneé share scenes with Dennis Franz, another of my favourite actors, and she made a tremendous impact even despite Franz' commanding screen presence.
•  Collection contains 80 screen captures sourced from PAL VHS.
Reneé O'Connor live off stage in London, 30th August 2003 Love Letters from London (30th August 2003)
Guest Gallery
This section is a showcase for the work of guest contributors inspired by the content of this site, such as original desktop wallpapers or additional image collections.
Guest Gallery
Some of the best online Reneé O'Connor related resources in the world can be accessed from my convenient links page, which includes most of my personal favourites.
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