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Copyright: Adrian Petford  20 March 2000 Although my interest was definitely sparked, I had already dismissed the idea the film crew - if indeed they even were a film crew - could be working on Xena: Warrior Princess. After all, this area of Waiti Stream had appeared very recently in Eternal Bonds, so why would they be back here so soon? The western Auckland region is a real boom area for film and television production generally, and the west coast is featured regularly in both, as well as commercials, so this crew could literally be working on anything. With this in mind, I carried on walking around the stream to Lake Wainamu and spent some time at the edge of the calm water, taking a stack of photographs as I went and savouring the incredible vista featured in many episodes. Happy with the success of this visit, I then began to retrace my steps, intending to head home.

On the way back, I decided to walk around the top edge of the dunes rather than at ground level, because if what I'd seen had indeed been a film crew, there would be a much better view from higher up. When I reached that point again, there didn't seem to be much going on at all - the horses still grazed quietly, the vehicles were deserted and I speculated that if filming was in progress, it was probably out of sight in the adjacent valley, which is private land and thus inaccessible. I couldn't hear any signs of action coming from anywhere, and the only thing out of the ordinary was the presence of a jeep which periodically circled around and over the top of the dunes, out of sight. But by that point, I just wasn't feeling up to another fifty feet or so of climbing to investigate further!
The production vehicles, parked
adjacent to Waiti Stream

Note the horses and horse box

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Copyright: Adrian Petford  20 March 2000
A closer-up shot of the production vehicles

Note the temporary horse enclosure. Neither of
the "usual suspects" appeared to be present!

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Copyright: Adrian Petford  20 March 2000
The vehicles seen from the other side

More trucks and other vehicles
were parked nearby

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Copyright: Adrian Petford  20 March 2000
Horse box, horses and temporary enclosure

This site is very near the location of Boadicea's
face-off with the Roman soliders in The Deliverer

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Copyright: Adrian Petford  20 March 2000
The adjacent valley

This is initially where I suspected
filming may be in progress

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