Filming 'What a Drag'
by Sarah <>

Wednesday 29th March 2000 Page 2 of 8

When I got to the beach I took some photos and while doing this I noticed that there was a canopy and some vehicles at the south end of the beach (near to where they burned Perdicus' body). On the way back to my car I got horribly lost, but eventually spied the car park and made my way towards it. I was quick to notice that it had really filled up in my absence, as there were now over twenty cars, horseboxes, catering lorries and portoloos, but sadly there was no sign of my car. Before I had time to panic I realised that I was in the wrong part of the car park, and my car was still parked in isolated splendour, about twenty yards away.

When I got back to the car it began to dawn on me that there was probably some filming going on close by. However, as I had a plane to catch I had to rush off to the airport without being able to investigate further. As a result I spent the next few months wondering whether I had been very close to where X:WP was being filmed. As none of the S4 episodes that would have been filmed around this time featured a beach location (that I can think of?), I assumed (and hoped) that it was either Hercules or Young Hercules that was being filmed.

Anyway, it is as a result of this incident that I know that portoloos are a good sign that filming is taking place in the near vicinity. Now on with the story...
My first thoughts were that night filming had taken place and I had missed it (darn it), but as I continued on towards the lake, there tied to a horsebox was a palomino horse!! I had no idea whether it was Tilly or not, but any palomino horse would suggest to me that the X:WP film crew was in the area and I COULD NOT BELIEVE MY LUCK.

There was nobody about so I took a couple of pictures of Argo and continued on to the lake. As I passed the back of the horse box, the guy sitting on the ramp said "hi", and despite wanting to give him the third degree, I just said "morning" and went on my way. During this brief exchange I noticed that standing in front of Argo, towards the back of the horsebox, was a horse that looked like Gabrielle's.

As I walked along the track and then the sand dune, I saw lots of cars parked in a yard across the stream and several large trucks parked close by on the grass. I assumed that these were all something to do with the film crew.

"Four footed daughter of a mare"

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I eventually got to the lake, took a few pictures, calmed myself down and plotted my plan of attack; the quest for Melas' tree completely forgotten. I decided to wait at the lake for a while as I thought my best chance of seeing the actors would be to wait until they had started filming.
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