Filming 'What a Drag'
by Sarah <>

Wednesday 29th March 2000 Page 3 of 8

View from the track - Argo and friends So after about an hour I set off back towards my car. As I passed the horsebox I saw that Argo was no longer there. I had no idea where the filming would be taking place but as I continued to walk back to the car park, I saw that Argo and few equine friends were standing on the dune, not far from the portoloo. There were also several pick-up trucks and a couple of canopies.

I was now standing on the track, about 100 yards away from where I could see they were filming in a dip in the dune (refer to Adrian's report pages 3, 4 and 5), and could see that they were filming a scene with Bedouin type characters. I also saw a woman in Xena's costume get into a truck and a bit later on I saw a very blond head. Unfortunately, I could see very little of what they were filming. All I saw was lots of Bedouins on horses and one of them was doing a fine display of sword twirling.

I knew from reading articles that X:WP is filmed on a closed set and that visitors are not welcome. With this in mind I decided to sit on a log at the very edge of the dune. I was hoping that if I sat at a discreet distance and was on my very best behaviour I might not be asked to leave.
View from the track - Argo and friends
(Argo is towards the left of the picture)

"We can shoot it in a third world country"

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Sadly the view from my log was still somewhat limited and I could still see virtually nothing. The dip in which they were filming was very effective in preventing casual observers from seeing what was going on. I could only see the top of the actors' heads. I assume the location was chosen to represent desert, as on many other parts of dune there is lush green foliage in the background.
From where I sat I only caught one other glimpse of the blond one's head and at one point her back, but I had a great view of the horses!!

While I sat on the log, lots of the crew drove past me in either a jeep or on a quad bike. I assumed they were going back to where the cars were parked, but I have no idea why. This commuting between the film site and the car park is obviously a necessary part of the film making process as it continued throughout the day.

Twice vehicles stopped and the drivers gave me questioning looks, so I looked back and tried to appear as normal as possible (with much difficulty). If I had been confronted, I would have been quite prepared to admit that I was a fan of the show, but this wasn't necessary as both times, after a few seconds, they drove off.

At about mid-day, after I had been sitting on the dune for about an hour and had been able to see hardly anything, except for jeeps and quad bikes, most of the crew went to lunch.
View from the log - an exclusive shot of the back of ROC's head
View from the log - an exclusive shot of the
back of ROC's head. Gabrielle's horse
is to the left of the picture.

"Trust me, you're ahead of the game"

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